Investment Advice

Financial Advisory Service

Some individual investors enjoy maintaining self-directed accounts in which to conduct securities transactions. They may have the time to manage assets, but yet they may want to consult a professional to enhance the techniques used in managing their money.

RAMS knows that investing, unlike speculation, is a disciplined process that requires thorough planning and objective implementation of a plan. If you want to continue to self-manage your assets but would like guidance from a pro to help keep you disciplined, then our Financial Advisory Service may be right for you. We will meet with you regularly throughout the year to examine the progress you’re making toward your goals. In those meetings we help you analyze your portfolio and ensure that you are using the correct investment vehicles. With you we will target subjects like: your asset allocation, diversification, investment costs, tax efficiency, concentration risks and investment rebalancing. Under this format clients agree to pay an hourly fee to RAMS for the time we focus on your financial needs.

Construction of a sound investment portfolio should be every investor’s goal. If you like do-it-yourself projects with some on-site help, our Financial Advisory relationship can help you build a better portfolio.

Investment Management Service

Royal Asset Managers is an investment advisor, not a broker. We are not compensated by how many transactions we can force upon you or by pushing uniform products. We offer advice and take full responsibility for the performance of your assets. Clients interested in working with a money manager who directs all actions in their investment accounts will enjoy the benefits of working with RAMS as their discretionary asset manager.

In your discretionary relationship with RAMS, you continue to have the supervisory role over your portfolio while placing the day-to-day money management duties upon us. Our job as your discretionary manager is to understand your objectives for the assets you own and to then implement the strategy that will give you the greatest probability of achieving your objectives. Before we invest your first dollar we carefully study your:

  • risk tolerance
  • return objective
  • tax situation
  • time horizon
  • income needs
  • capital needs
  • unique preferences.

RAMS manages all portfolio s with the fiduciary responsibility of care, skill, diligence and prudence.